The St. James Feelgood vapes will bring you all of the benefits high quality full spectrum CBD without the negative aspects and without the nicotine. The small & elegant vape almost looks like a normal pen and at first sight, nobody will even know that you have a vape in your hands. The vape pen will bring you the relaxation that a joint normally gives you, without the negative aspects, the smell and the lazy feeling. Have a few puffs at home, at a party or festival, during a lunchbreak on a stressful workday or even while you are on vacation. This product doesn’t contain THC, so you can take it with you on the airplane.  Available in the flavours Mocha, French Toast,  Honey-Nut, Caramel Macchiato and Blackberry Mint.

Secret of Salvation oil

Secret of Salvation: The ultimate secret to help you resolve stress, physiological and mental discomfort. Half an hour to one hour after taking Secret of Salvation, your body and mind will start to experience the first effects. You can encounter more calmness, relaxation, empathy, creativity, connection and happiness.

Ingredients: PROHHC 20% 10ml, Hempseed oil, MCT oil, Terpenes

Relief, Relax & Revive oil

St. James Feelgoods Relief, Relax & Revive oil will help you deal with stress and pain you experience every day.  Half an hour to one hour after taking Relief, Relax & Revive, you will feel the first effects on your mind and body. You will experience the feeling of total relaxation. 

Ingredients: PROHHC 10%, Hempseed oil, MCT oil, Terpenes.